I can't ever seem to achieve a purity of feeling.

As I sit here in my parent's Indiana home, I think about the future, and what it has in store for me. And I'm torn about it.

On one hand, I'm heading off to a land different than my own. I feel excitement and a sense of wonder at the prospect of seeing things that few of my countrymen have ever laid eyes on, going places that are beautiful and ancient. Not to mention the regular paycheck.

And on the other, I'm leaving here. I'm leaving friends I've known since childhood, and others that make me feel like I've known them just as long. I'm an only child, but I don't doubt that some of you have given me an idea of what it's like to have brothers and sisters.

I'm seriously going to miss you guys.


But all such grey clouds pass in time. As I gather my things and arrange final details I think of the new people that I'll meet, and the things that I'll experience. I remember that I'll see you all again. And I relish what might lie just past the horizon.